Making an appointment

You can make an appointment either by phone or email using the form below.

My phone numbers are: Home: 01793 641107 & Health Hydro clinic: 01793 465629

What happens when you make an appointment for treatment?

During your first appointment ( Diagnosis followed by your first treatment- 90 minutes) you will be invited to talk fully through the history and manifestation of your symptoms, general health and well being. Pulse and tongue examination always forms part of an acupuncture diagnosis. We will discuss how much treatment you might require. Between 4 and 6 treatments at roughly 2-3 week intervals is a fairly typical pattern, though some people experience good change after just a treatment or two.

Where appropriate you may be offered lifestyle advice, eg dietary guidance, if this is relevant to your symptoms. In each subsequent appointment ( 45 minutes),we will review changes and improvements to your symptoms before we do a treatment.

Treatment Costs

First diagnostic appointment (90 minutes): £80
Follow up appointments   (45-50 minutes): £55
*Concessionary prices on application
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