My Current Practice for 2023

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What is different ?

I have made small changes to my practice for our mutual safety, to minimise the risk of transmission of Covid 19:

  • ·     After consultation with medical colleagues in hospital settings and in a diversity of clinics, I am using UV lighting in between clients, which I understand helps to eradicate viral or bacterial residues from all surfaces in the consulting room. I include the details of it below if you wish to check it out for yourself:

Your appointment

During the height of the pandemic and in the early stages out of ‘Lockdown’, I asked clients to sign a self-declaration form in advance of each consultation, confirming that they had 
none of the recognised possible symptoms of Covid -19, nor had knowingly been in contact with anyone showing these symptoms. I simply ask now that you do not attend an appointment if either of the above underlined factors apply

During the Covid pandemic consultations were in two parts 
with two separate appointment dates. The first part of your appointment - an online (Zoom or Skype) or a phone diagnostic consultation, lasting between 20-30 minutes. During that time I would ask questions to decide on your treatment, based on symptoms and how you have generally been. I would ask you to show me your tongue on Zoom or Skype, or to text/email me a photo of your tongue, prior to meeting you. In the second part of the appointment would be the treatment - about 30 minutes.

This was a strategy to minimise contact in the treatment room. I have now returned to ‘normal’ practice with a fully integrated session of 45-50 minutes. I am happy to continue with the split appointment if you would prefer this.

If I come into contact with someone showing symptoms of Covid 19, I will, of course, be obliged to temporarily suspend my clinic.

I hope the above information provides you with the reassurances both you and I need and that my practice will continue to reflect full awareness of what medical and scientific advisors have indicated to date, about the nature and transmission risks of Covid-19.

If you wish to make an appointment based on the guidelines I have set out, please contact me by email on the
Make an appointment page.