Jo, September 2023:  "My baby was breech at 34 weeks.  A friend who already had acupuncture with Janice suggested I try it. The treatment was simple, painless and effective! My baby turned within 3 days of the treatment.  I returned to Janice for treatment when my labour failed to start and firmly believe the treatment helped to kick start the process, 10 days after my due date! It was my first pregnancy and both were anxious times. I don’t know how, but I felt the acupuncture also helped me stay calm and positive."

March 2022:
  ” I’ve been feeling noticeably very happy since the last treatment! Over the last 6 months since I started treatment with you, I’ve felt more and more content and at ease and peace with my outlook.  My body feels more comfortable and peaceful. My psoriasis is also less red and angry and the patches are reducing. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.  If I look at my early life, I’ve focused far too much on misfortune and the negative.  I feel this phase is behind me and my life can now be focused on the positive…Seems so simple, but perhaps the simplest things are hardest for us to see.  Phil, Painter and Decorator

May 2020:  ‘I just wanted to thank you Janice for your treatment & support with IVF. I know I will never know if the IVF would have been successful without the acupuncture but whether it helped or not, it helped me to stay relaxed, positive & to cope with the emotional challenges that come with IVF. So really from the bottom of my heart, thank you again.‘   
Laura, Occupational Therapist 

My name is Franco, I'm 43 & work as a postman for the Royal Mail, so you can easy say I have an active job, on my feet for 6 hours a day covering distances of 5 to 8 miles per day ..... but I couldn't do this, had I not gone to see Janice about a nagging foot injury I had from some 12 years previously while playing football. I damaged ligaments & fractured my foot & I ended up with a trapped nerve in my foot giving me pain, discomfort & frustration..... the NHS  offered cortisone injections but I new this wasn't the way ahead for me. I sought alternate medicine, looked into acupuncture & was lucky to find Janice Booth. She not only cured my foot but helped to get my sporting & working life on track. I feel fitter than I have ever done thanks to acupuncture, I would recommend acupuncture to anyone & would not hesitate using it again ..... and yes it would have to be Janice that I go to. It's more than just needles being jabbed your body, it's about curing you of your pain both physically & mentally ..... it's about energising & good health.

“Before starting acupuncture with Janice I had been in hospital with pneumonia three times in just a few years. I have a long -term lung condition called bronchiectasis and was feeling very frustrated by my illness. Since my treatment began I have been much healthier, have not had any pneumonia and feel my immune system has been really boosted. Acupuncture has also helped me with more minor issues like plantar fasciitis (and after just one treatment!) which podiatrists and special insoles had failed to sort out. After each visit to Janice I feel I have received expert help and much wisdom besides…"

Trish, Countryside Manager & Conservationist

"I was experiencing a period of stress and thought I would try acupuncture. Never having experienced it before, I went with a very open mind. Right from the very first phone call, Janice made me feel very comfortable and in our first session I felt her to be a calming presence and to have a very professional manner.

I can’t emphasise enough how astounded I was from the results of my first treatment. I felt as though a balloon had been popped and my stress was put into perspective – the acupuncture treatment totally defused the stress and I felt better than I had in quite some time. My normally sceptical husband even noticed a huge change and that was itself a huge testament!

I now have supportive acupuncture with Janice on a regular basis. In a recent visit I was seeking treatment for tennis elbow and again the results were amazing. I urge anyone to give acupuncture a try for any problem. I am a true convert and am really happy with the results."

Biomedical scientist

"I have been receiving acupuncture for the last nineteen years to relieve the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. I find it helps me with day-to-day well being. I receive acupuncture every six to eight weeks. If I do not keep to this time scale I can become very sluggish and my symptoms can begin to worsen. Acupuncture has helped me to beat fatigue, boost energy levels and helped to keep other symptoms at bay. Janice always listens carefully to your symptoms and gives you the treatment accordingly. I feel acupuncture keeps my Multiple Sclerosis stable and I would recommend this treatment to anyone."

"I have had acupuncture treatment from Janice since 1990.  Her treatments have helped alleviate my stress levels which in turn has reduced the severe back pain that I suffered from.  Janice also has excellent counselling skills which have helped to make my sessions with her much more of an all round well-being experience."
David, Chartered accountant

"I have been a patient of Janice for many years. My original complaint of Hay Fever has greatly improved and I can now enjoy early Summer! I have seasonal treatments ( 4 or 5 a year) which help me to stay calm, balanced, connected and ‘in a good space’ as my life can be so busy. It is reassuring to know that I can depend on Janice for care and support, which she delivers with the greatest professionalism."
Beauty therapist

September 2018: "Following a course of treatment for low back and sciatic pains I just have to thank you so much for fixing me! You have worked wonders yet again …. you are an amazing healer with such a gift.

I had been getting better and better since seeing you and today went to the Newbury show and walked around all day barely thinking about it until later in the afternoon and that is absolutely something I would not have been able to do prior to seeing you."

Brian, aged 65, self-employed Builder